Wen-Chuan Lin Professor Natural Medicinal Products Pharmacology,
Functional Food Development
School of Pharmacy
Jin-Bin Wu Professor Utilization of the screening and isolated Active ingredients in Metabolic Syndrome (Hyperlipidemia / Hyperglycemia) 
School of Pharmacy
Yu-Chi Hou Professor Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutics, Chinese medicine, Herb processing  School of Pharmacy
Hong-Zin Lee Professor Molecular Biology; Organic Chemistry; Materia Medica; Natural Product Chemistry; Cellular Biology School of Pharmacy
Jian-Lian Chen Professor Analytical Chemistry School of Pharmacy
Mann-Jen Hour Professor Medicinal Chemistry,
Drug development,
Pharmaceutical care
School of Pharmacy
Bo-Ying Bao Professor Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, 
Cell Biology
School of Pharmacy
Tzong-Der Way Professor Carcinogenesis Mechanisms of Natural Products; Molecular Tumor Biology; Neuro-Degenerate Diseases Department of Biological Science and Technology
Wen-Huang Peng Professor Pharmacology, Pharmacology of Herbal Medicines, Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences Department Of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chinese Medicine Resource
Shu-Jen Chang Associate Professor Physical Chemistry (Quantum Chemistry, Polymer, Spectroscopic Analysis, Surface Chemistry ), Natural Product Chemistry, Application of internet resources, Drug information analysis, Quality Control of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanoherb, Nanomedicine, Intellectual Property Rights School of Pharmacy
Hui-Yi Lin Associate Professor Chemistry, Natural product chemistry, drug isolation technology, Pharmacognosy School of Pharmacy
Shang-Yuan Tsai Associate Professor Preformulation, Pharmaceutics School of Pharmacy
Chao-Ying Lee Associate Professor 1. Idetification of
a. Plant external features
b. Raw material for anatomy
c. Fingerpriter atlas: HPLC, IR,PCR(DNA)
2. Contents of determination ingredient
3. Pharmacology
4. Development of the health
Foods, whitening cosmetics of Chinese Medicine
School of Pharmacy
Ming-Jyh Sheu Associate Professor Cellular Physiology, Anti-cancer drugs research, Endothelial cells protection research School of Pharmacy
Hung-Yi Chen Associate
Pharmaceutics and laboratory, Dispensing pharmacy, Management of Pharmacy Practice, Biopharmaceutics, Clinical pharmarcokinetics, Hospital Management, Pharmacy orientation, Nonprescription Drugs, Cosmetology, School of Pharmacy
Te-Ling Lu Associate
Cell Biology, Molecular Biology School of Pharmacy
Wen-Hsin Lin Associate
Microbiology and immunology, Fermentation process    School of Pharmacy
Ta-Hsien Chuang  Associate Professor Natural Products Synthesis, Organic Reaction Mechanism School of Pharmacy
Chin-Chuan Hung Associate Professor Clinical pharmacy, pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, molecular pharmacology, molecular biology, cell biology School of Pharmacy
Yu-Hsuan Lan Associate Professor Separation techniques, Structure elucidation, HPLC Methods for the identification and quantification Analysis. School of Pharmacy
Chien-Chih Yu Associate Professor General Chemistry, Pharmacoeconomics, Quality Control of Chinese Medicine, Industrial Pharmacy,Pharmaceutics School of Pharmacy
Hsiang-Wen Lin Associate Professor health services research, pharmacy systems evaluation, evaluation of educational program on pharmacy and medication use for the public, particularly self-care management (i.e., dietary Supplements), and Outcomes research (e.g.,  pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoecnomics), Geriatric pharmaceutical care School of Pharmacy
Fung-Fuh Wong Associate Professor Organic and Medical Chemistry
a. The Development of New Synthetic Methodology of Lead Drug
b. Silicon Chemistry
c. Heterocyclic Chemistry
d. Total Synthesis of Lead Product (Steroids Compounds) 
Material and Polymer chemistry
a. Organic Electroluminescent Materials 
b. Thermal Latency Catalyst for the Molding and Sealing Materials for Electronic Packaging 
Environment Chemistry
a. Recovery Heavy Metal via Thermal Plasma
School of Pharmacy
Jin-Cherng Lien Associate Professor let and anticancer drug design and development School of Pharmacy
Hui-Chang Lin Associate Professor Development of New Anti-cancer Lead Compounds and New methodology Research School of Pharmacy
Chih-Shiang Chang Associate Professor Anti-cancer research 
Anti-inflammatory research 
Anti-osteoporosis research.
School of Pharmacy
Yun-Ping Lim  Associate Professor Molecular and cellular biology, mechanism of drug-drug interaction, drug metabolism gene regulation, clinical laboratory medicine School of Pharmacy
Jung-Chun Liao Associate Professor Chinese medicated diet, 
Introduction of Chinese pharmacy
General Biology
General Biology Laboratory
School of Pharmacy
Yi-Hui Lin Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Analysis; Capillary electrophoresis School of Pharmacy
Shiuan-Pey Lin Assistant Professor Preformulation, Pharmacokinetics of Chinese Medicinal Herbs, Herb-drug interaction, Drug transporters School of Pharmacy
Shyh-Shyun Huang Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical botany, Pentsaology, Herb pharmacology, Clinical chinese pharmacy School of Pharmacy
Chih-Hua Chao Assistant Professor Study on the bioactive natural products from the plants and marine soft corals and investigation on the structural modification of bioactive compounds. School of Pharmacy
Min-Tsang Hsieh Assistant Professor Synthesis and biological evaluation of new curcumin derivatives; Development of new synthetic methods toward fluorinated compounds School of Pharmacy